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Education | Quality Education | Best CBSE School in Bhayandar
Education | Quality Education | Best CBSE School in Bhayandar

“A well-crafted film is more than just entertainment; it’s a vessel for profound messages and timeless wisdom. A film can be an effective teaching tool because it can effectively engage students, facilitate meaningful experiences, and encourage critical thinking, contemplation, conversations, or analysis.”
– Rupal Kanakia, Chairperson, RBKEI

The Power of Films as Educational Tools and Six Ways They Create an Impactful Learning Experience!

February 15, 2024

“Nurturing love for learning” is the cornerstone of all efforts at RBK Global School (CBSE, Bhayandar). We facilitate a learning environment that inspires our students to excel not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities, athletics, and creative endeavours. Various teaching and learning approaches are employed based on the students’ age and learning level.

Contrary to conventional teaching methods, films provide a fresh perspective on learning, foster the development of educational values and life skills, and enable learners to engage with diverse subjects, cultures, and perspectives. Our school took centre stage as the official host of the International Kids Film Festival (IKFF) 2023 for grades I through X, experimenting with films an unconventional teaching method. Every classroom was transformed into a mini-theatre and over the course of three days, the festival gave kids a chance to interact with a variety of cinematic experiences, promoting both entertainment and knowledge. It provided youngsters with a platform to engage with exemplary films and allowed young viewers and filmmakers to celebrate narrative and originality. There were interesting games, educational seminars, and a variety of movies. It included engaging activities, informative workshops, and a wide range of films.

Here are six ways films create an impactful learning experience for students!


Facilitate visual and emotional impact: Film offers rich audiovisual content, which helps learners comprehend and remember information better. Furthermore, because they introduce children to a variety of stories, cultures, and viewpoints, films foster imagination and creativity in the classroom. As part of IKFF 2023, learners from grades I to X were shown value-based films such as “Swing to the Moon, To Be Sisters, Maya the Bee, Kung Fu Lion, Spirit of the Forest, Salvador Dali, Bus No. 7, and many more.”

Promote critical thinking and analysis: Film can stimulate critical thinking and analysis. Thought-provoking films serve as a catalyst to start conversations and debates among students about difficult social, cultural, and ethical problems. This not only improves students’ critical thinking abilities but also cultivates empathy and a knowledge of different points of view. Students learn how to analyse visual information and recognize underlying themes by watching and analysing films. Several child-friendly films featured clear moral lessons as part of IKFF 2023, imparting virtues like patience, kindness, and honesty while giving kids a chance to consider what is right and wrong.

Boost students’ cognitive capacities: By watching and evaluating movies, children acquire important knowledge and skills that they can use outside of the classroom.

Encourage cultural understanding and empathy: films possess the ability to immerse audiences in other cultures, eras, and viewpoints. They promote empathy and understanding across cultures and offer a glimpse into a range of experiences. Through a combination of captivating films, interactive workshops, and meaningful discussions, the IKFF 2023 contributed to the cultural enrichment and education of its young audience.

Promote dialogue, reflection and communication: Films act as stimulants for thought-provoking conversations and introspection. Films frequently address difficult social issues and moral conundrums, giving students a forum to express their ideas, participate in civil discussions, and widen their horizons by sympathetic listening.

Encourage creativity: By using movies as educational tools, educators can introduce their students to a variety of narrative structures, cinematic approaches, and visual storytelling methods. During IKFF 2023, students in Grades VII–X had the unique opportunity to learn about the technique of making their own films right in the comfort of their classrooms thanks to the creative filmmaking and screenplay writing course. Through interactive sessions led by specialists, students learned about the aspects of narrative that are essential to filmmaking and examined the complexities and subtleties of screenplay writing that bring a tale to life on screen. By sharpening their creative writing abilities and igniting their enthusiasm for cinematic expression, this workshop gave RBKGS students the tools they needed to turn their fantastical tales into motion pictures.

Author: Dr. Shitala Prabhu, Principal, RBK Global School (CBSE, Bhayandar)


Chairperson, RBKEI

Committed to giving people across India access to education and literacy, she is extremely passionate about her vision. It is through education that Ms. Rupal Kanakia wants to enable women and the youth of today to progress tomorrow.


Director, RBKEI

Determined to create a world-class atmosphere for early childhood learning that is balanced and encouraging. Ms. Niyati strives to usher young learners onto the path of learning eternal values and develop them to reach the best of their potential.