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Early Childhood Care &

Education Diploma


The need and importance for the Early Childhood Care and Education course (ECCE) was recognized by the National Policy of Education (1986 revised in 1992). It is realized that Early Childhood Care and Education is a strong base for pre-primary Education. It is also an important input in the strategies of human resource development, as a feeder and support program for the students.

Objectives of

ECCE Programme

Early Childhood Care and Education is an enrichment course for, working and non – working women. These days the demand for pre-school education has increased tremendously. Hence, Early Childhood educators are expected to be holding a significant role in helping children grow with full potential and support in a smooth transition between different stages of learning, growth, and development.

Through ECCE Intense and extensive curriculum, we prepare our practitioners with an objective to:

  • Develop an understanding of the needs and rights of children with an emphasis on the socio-cultural context of early years
  • Understand the importance of various stages and developmental aspects of children from birth to six years of age
  • Be able to identify common childhood illness, take care of the sick, and apply preventive measures
  • Appreciate the healthy and nutritional needs of young children and become capable of evaluating a diet with respect to the need for an adequate diet
  • Become promising and efficient teachers, Centre Heads, educationists, or entrepreneurs.

Teachers’ Professional Development Center, Bhayandar offers a Diploma program in Early Childhood Care and Education.

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