Flying Jesters Annual Sports Meet at RBK Global School, Bhayandar

RBK Global School, Bhayandar’s Annual Sports Event Flying Jester is the most exciting part of the year with a lot of sports events and amazing performances by the students.

Storystein at Kanakia International School, Chembur

Kanakia International School, Chembur (IB) recently conducted “Storystein” storytelling event where the learners experienced the magic of stories through innovative methods like Light and shadow play, Story walk, Musical stories, Storyboards, STEM through a story, and much more. The learners actively participated in activities like the Math stories, expressing stories through Dance and Drama, read aloud, and creating stories through story cubes.

STREAM Presentation at Kanakia RBK School, Mira Road

Engaging them in learning science and engineering helps them to answer their own authentic questions and solve real-world problems. Doing so helps children develop into people who can be informed decision-makers about issues that will matter to them as adults, issues related to their health or the environment, for example, and that deeply affect them and their communities.

STREAM event is one such event where the learners get an opportunity to explore their curiosity and learn new things.


RBK International School, Bhayandar recently celebrated the Annual Mess Fest! Where children grabbed paint to make an oozey, gooey mess!

Lot of amazing activities like Fizzy Cloud Dough, Finger Painting, Sensory Soup, Wobbly Walk were organized where the learners explored the world of colors!


There’s something so good about music festivals, not only do they give you a chance to see some of your favorite songs performed live, but also they give you a chance to spend time with your friends and family, get a little bit crazy, and enjoy yourself.

RBK School, Mira Road organized the most spectacular and melodious event of the year “Voice of RBK” showcasing the budding singers of Grade 4 to Grade 12.


RBK International School, Bhayandar explored the Six Continents, Six Cultures, and Multiple Cuisines during the International Week of this year!

RESFEBER – A Restless Race of a Traveler’s Heart! This event gave all the students a platform to expand their horizons and learn about different cultures.

Kanakia Championship 2022 at Kanakia International School, Chembur

The first-ever Championship event turned out to be a huge success!
With over 24 schools and 240 participants from all across the city, we saw a spectacular show of game!

Have a look at a glimpse of the event.

Kanakia Championship

Greetings from Kanakia International Schools,
We are excited to announce the most awaited sports event of the year – Kanakia Championship 2022.
Where the best teams will clash for the championship title of Basketball and Chess!
Registration is closed.

Rules & Regulation of Basketball
Rules & Regulation of Chess

Kampan ‘Witness The Vibration

Science is everywhere around us. And there are fun ways to experiment and learn about various things. This is what our event Kampan was all about!
In this event, our learners presented their unique science projects, art and crafts, and amazing performances.

Mud Fest

Sometimes, the best memories are created when you connect with nature.
To connect our learners with nature we conducted an activity called ‘Muddy with Buddy’, the learners played with mud along with their buddies and parents as well. They played till their shirts got stained and memories got etched in their minds.

Journey Of Colours

Art is freedom. Being able to bend things most people see as a straight line is a virtue that only the best of people have.
We are constantly pushing our learners to think out of the box, express themselves through art, and to let them explore traditional and international art from different parts of the world.
In the Art Exhibition – The Journey of Colours – our learners presented a variety of art and expressed their visual imagery.

Summer Sports Camp

Physical fitness is an important part of school life. Along with keeping the body fit it also keeps your mind fresh.
We promote sports activities for our students and encourage them to participate in various sports. Learners enthusiastically showcase their talent and excel in different sports. In the Summer Sports Camp, students participated in various sports and won many accolades. We are constantly striving to promote physical fitness among our learners and we are inculcating those values in them through various activities.

Mother’s Day Celebration at RBKEI

Mothers are the pillars of our lives. Their constant support and struggle to make their kids’ lives better is a standing example of their importance. One day is not enough to celebrate a mother’s importance.
As International Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10th May world wide, our learners also celebrated and did something to surprise their beloved mother. Each learner wrote a specialized message and pasted it on the #DearMom wall.

Master Talk – Inspiration series with Mr. Rakesh Maria – 19th December 2021

In our next Master Talk session Maharashtra’s Super-Cop, who has solved some crucial and sensitive cases, shared his experiences of being in the force and how he handled stressful situations. His 36 years of service are full of intricate stories and risky rides that he went through to make this city safe.
Students spoke candidly with him and learnt a lot as well.

Incredible India at Global School – 18th December 2021

India, the land of diverse culture, religions, food, and art is a celebration in itself. RBK Global School celebrated INCREDIBLE INDIA – an event to explore the diversity of our country, Inventions, Rivers, symbols, and much more.

Junior Astronaut at RBKIA Chembur – 4th December 2021

We earthlings are always fascinated with the never ending space and mysteries of the universe. Billions of galaxies out there have kept generations after generations curious to know what lies there. We have also taken a step towards igniting this flame of curiosity among our young learners through the much anticipated Junior Astronaut event. The learners hopped on the journey to know our solar system, missions carried out by Indian space agencies and much more.

MASTER TALK – Inspiration Series with Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

An inspiration for millions, Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a business magnate, a stock market expert, and a philanthropist. His genius decisions in the stock market world have gained him the title of India’s own Warren Buffet. Students engaged in a candid conversation with Mr. Jhunjhunwala and learnt a lot from his life experiences.

Master Talk – Perspiration Series

The second talk in Master Talk’s Inspiration Series hosted legendary cricketer and former Indian Captain Mr. Kapil Dev.

He spoke about his life and journey and shared his experiences with the students. He also played some cricket with the kids.


Keeping your body and mind fit in this challenging time is crucial. RBKEI promotes healthy lifestyle in our students and parent community.
Therefore, we launched the Run for a Cause initiative on the occasion of Friendship Day. It was one-of-its-kind event to promote the importance of exercise.

The highlight of this event was to run alongside with your buddy. What a better way to celebrate friendship day, isn’t it?

Master Talk – Perspiration Series

RBKEI’s Master Talk event gives students an opportunity to interact with achievers and also gives a platform for the students to share their own success stories. In the Perspiration series, students from RBKEI interact with a panel discussing about all the hard-work they put in to achieve success.

In the recent Master Talk Perspiration Series, Riya Dama from RBK International School shared her journey of achieving a perfect 45/45 score. Stories coming from students inspire the students to set a goal and work towards it to be successful.

MASTER TALK – Inspiration Series

A talk series where distinguished people and youth icons share their life experiences to motivate the students to work harder towards achieving their own dreams.

The inaugural talk kick started with Maharashtra’s youngest political leader and Honorable Cabinet Minister Mr. Aaditya Thackeray.