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“The emphasis in holistic development is on the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the students. In other words, it places a higher priority on a child’s overall growth and development than just academic endeavours.” – Ms. Rupal Kanakia, Chairperson, RBKEI

The Importance of Holistic Development and How It Benefits Students

March 28, 2024

Holistic development is the cornerstone of our efforts at RBK Hanumant High School. We take pride in our culture of inclusivity and the unique blend of skills that ensure every child has opportunities to develop skills to succeed both academically and personally.

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Here are six ways our team of educators at RBK Hanumant High School ensures holistic development for every student.

Developing well-rounded individuals: With an emphasis on holistic development, our efforts at Hanumant High School provide a platform for students to participate in Model UN, or MUN, a popular extra-curricular activity in which students roleplay delegates to the United Nations, simulate UN committees, and learn about diplomacy, international relations, current world issues, and the UN itself. The in-house debates empower students to acquire better poise, speech delivery, and public speaking skills, along with improved critical thinking skills and enhanced teamwork skills and collaboration. Hanumant High School also provides an array of student-led leadership programs that enable students to strengthen their communication and collaboration skills, develop resilience, become more adaptable, and prepare for a world in which they will be expected to be agile and innovative. In addition, there is a key emphasis on encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities, including arts, music, and drama, that provide them opportunities to unleash the artist within them.

Emphasising values and ethics and promoting spiritual development: Through morning prayers in Sanskrit, monthly havan (holy ritual) and weekly yoga and value education classes our school facilitates children in Mahuva to access global education, which bears its roots in the rich Indian cultural heritage. This further facilitates a confluence of mind, body, and soul, thereby creating an enlightened, cohesive school community. The students are encouraged to imbibe the three valuable pillars of the school, “Satya, Prem, and Karuna (Truth, Love, and Compassion),” which have an impact on the people around them. Students acquire knowledge that goes beyond the classroom, developing their capacity for empathy, respect for others, and moral judgment.

Creating a more inclusive learning environment: Our community of passionate and attentive educators takes a personalised approach to teaching and learning, and individual support that nurtures and develops every child. We take great pride in our culture of inclusivity and the unique blend of skills that provide the perfect balance and guidance to equip your child for a life of success and personal fulfilment. We recognise that every child is special and strive to develop the talents and gifts of all children in our care. Our consistent celebration of knowledge and carefully tailored approach ensure that all pupils grow with confidence, maturity, and intelligence.

Promoting physical development: Apart from motivating our students to achieve academic excellence, we encourage our students to develop interests in sports that offer a wealth of opportunities for holistic development. Through sports, we encourage our students to celebrate the spirit of discipline, teamwork, and collaboration.

Nurturing emotional and social growth: Through interactive activities like “super reader, quizzes, storytelling, and arts and crafts sessions,” we enable children to develop cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. These activities also teach them about teamwork, sharing, and the value of communication.

Intellectual development: Each child is encouraged to make every day a positive learning experience as we work to develop and strengthen young minds while nurturing the creative power of nascent imagination. At RBK Hanumant High School, we offer a personalised education that allows every student to explore their potential with the support and encouragement of teachers, peers, and the wider RBKHHS community. There is something for every student at RBK Hanumant High School because of the variety and quality of our facilities. This enables them to explore new interests and develop their current ones.


Chairperson, RBKEI

Committed to giving people across India access to education and literacy, she is extremely passionate about her vision. It is through education that Ms. Rupal Kanakia wants to enable women and the youth of today to progress tomorrow.


Director, RBKEI

Determined to create a world-class atmosphere for early childhood learning that is balanced and encouraging. Ms. Niyati strives to usher young learners onto the path of learning eternal values and develop them to reach the best of their potential.