COVID-19 has not only cost the world to miss out on all the wonderful things happening in the world but also affected the children and their physical health. It is important to pay heed to the fact that lack of physical exercise affects children not just physically but mentally as well and while we need to keep our children safe, we should also make sure that they are physically active and are breaking a sweat.

So here are five ways that will help kids improve their health, right from the principal’s desk. These ways could help our students achieve all their goals by being physically active and healthy.

The primary goal of a parent trying to make the kids active at home is to be a role model. Children observe and adapt from their parents and if they see their parents lying on the couch all day long, it wouldn’t be of any help! And so, to make your children exercise regularly, you must yourself first indulge in and try to inspire them. You must learn ways of how to be a role model to your children.

  • Make it fun: Do you wonder why children never get tired of watching YouTube? Or playing video games? It’s because they have fun with it and they find it rewarding. You can make it fun for them as well by rewarding them and playing fun indoor games with them which require physical activity (such as Zumba or freeze dance.) Find different games for kids to play at home which does not involve using a phone.
  • Make time for exercise: Just as you’ve trained your child to eat breakfast and dinner at a particular time, you must make time out for exercise every day so that your children are habitual with getting involved in physical exercise daily. Find out some best exercises for kids and make a routine for them to follow.
  • Yoga: While it might be a little too much for students to get involved in intensive exercises, yoga is an activity that has been proven to be both beneficial and relaxing and is also a part of our ancient culture. Introducing children to yogic activities such as Suryanamaskar and Pilates will not just make them physically fit but also enlighten them and inspire them to explore physical flexibility. Find the five best yogas for kids and let them practice every morning.
  • Reward them: Remember the time your kids used to complete their homework and get to bed on time, just to get those smileys and stars on their hands? Believe me, they’re not too old for it, rewarding your children might make your children motivated to do almost anything in the world and exercising is no exception.

But also remember, not to spoil your children with expensive gifts! Your rewards may be as simple as making their favourite breakfast or watching their favourite movie with them as it is important to spend as much time with your kids, especially in the lockdown where children might be exposed to loneliness and mood swings. Although the lockdown has brought about a lot of difficulties in our life, believe me, it works as a blessing in disguise, as children need attention and love from their parents as much as they need exercising or studying.

And that is how you can keep your family fit in the lockdown with not just a healthy body and a sound mind, but with loads of memories to unload!