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Hear the stories of some of the outstanding alumni from across various RBK Educational Institutions, now succeeding around the world.

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Ariya Moez Dhukka

Perusing Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Dalhousie University

Graduated from RBK International School

Ariya is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Dalhousie University for the year 2026. Her story since childhood is a testament to the profound impact of her teachers and school on her journey. Ariya mentions about the unwavering support and guidance which has been instrumental in shaping her into the person that she is today. In the nurturing ambiance of RBK International School, she flourished, with a sense of belonging and motivation. Beyond academics, the teachers actively encouraged and promoted her participation in extra co-curricular activities, igniting her passions and broadening her horizons. She mentions that these invaluable experiences allowed her to develop crucial life skills, fostering resilience, teamwork, and creativity. With resolute dedication, her teachers and school have empowered her to embrace challenges that she face today in a foreign land and strive for excellence.

Pratikshya Purnachandra

Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA
Molecular Biologist at Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company, Indianapolis, USA

Graduated from RBK International School

Pratikshya had the chance to gain not just knowledge but also learn the work ethic that she successfully could translate as a full time working professional. Learning dedication and most importantly working in research now in the never ending spirit of curiosity. If not for all the repetitive past papers that she did in Chemistry or the understanding of concepts before answering any questions in Biology she wouldn’t have been working in the field that she is working in today. Pratikshya mentions about the guidance of the teachers she learnt about ‘wanting to know more’ and to never let any obstacle or bump in the road deter her from continuing to pursue a better version of herself not just at work but also life in general. Pratikshya also mentions that “I will forever be indebted to my teachers at RBKIS for giving me everything I have today because I wouldn’t be the person I am without them.

Saurabh Banerjee

Chef - Hilton Group, India

Graduated from RBK Educational Institutions Batch 2012

Saurabh Banerjee is a Chef in the Hilton Group, India. He expanded is career by joining the International Center for Culinary Arts in India and did course in cooking. This allowed him to pursue his passion for cooking. Saurabh started interning as a learner chef at a renowned chain of hotels, that’s where he built all my techniques and foundation. He worked in 8 out of 9 restaurants on the resort which allowed him to work with different chefs and different cuisines.

Christina Perera

Operations Associate –
Zeal International, Russia

Graduated from RBK Educational Institutions Batch 2009

Christina Perera is a Deputy Operations Manager in the Zeal International. She is an experienced and dedicated individual who is a great team player, responsible for managing the daily operations. When required, she deputizes for the Duty Manager, taking accountability for ensuring an exceptional visitor experience and resolving any operational challenges.

Shruti Rana

Perusing a PhD at
Boston University

Graduated from RBK Educational Institutions Batch 2010

Ms. Shruti Rana after completing her Masters in India where she pursued her majored in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and minored in Bioinformatics. Thereafter, she started her PhD in Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology at Boston University. She mentions that throughout her 10 years at the school, she was exposed to such a diverse, accepting and supportive community that helped me grow as a person and as a scientist.