Classroom environment is one of the most important parts of a kid’s life that influence student learning. A perfect learning classroom is where student view their classroom as home and feel safe and secure. They feel comfortable and healthy while sharing their feelings with peers and teachers.
In a positive environment, the technique of learning portion transforms the student to look forward to a productive session. To accomplish their goal we need to encourage and support them. As we all know today’s world is a competitive world. Student’s necessities are constantly increasing and they keep gathering information to set their content up to date. It is said that student take in all the best things in every side of the room. What they have learnt they apply it to better their surroundings. In the positive environment students are inquisitive and paint the world with their distinctive way.
Teachers play an important role to groom the children and take care of their goals and motivate them to achieve great success. School is the second home for the child and therefore the teacher should make sure that the child feels safe and secure in the school environment.
If the environment of classroom is not positive and is not able to learn what is being taught then the child is not able to focus in his studies and feel discourage. In such circumstances, the child might lose his interest in studying at all.
One being a teacher should remember that each and every child is unique and need to work hard to mould them, shape them and make them strong by motivating and seeing their potential of learning and doing survey of a child behavior.
A teacher should form a strong connection with the students. When the students understand that their teacher cares for them they automatically will put in efforts to do well. Students will freely ask questions, they won’t be afraid to make mistakes to learn something new.
To construct this kind of relationship with the students, the teacher should engross in each student’s strengths and interests as well as their struggles and difficulties. The teacher needs to act as a positive model for learning and must honor their achievements.
In a positive environment students will be able to acknowledge their fellow classmates and their progress as well. In this way all students will get along, share, and celebrate each other’s’ success. Strong classroom communities can form in a different ways. Students should be part of collaboration learning, making efforts in sharing their strength and motivating each other.
It is a great time to welcome the students into a positive environment and make their learning experience memorable.