The past couple of months has not only re-emphasized that change is inevitable but has also taught us that we can go and grow through it. Standing before young, clean slate minds and being able to teach them the absolute basics yet core fundamentals of learning have always been the heart of teachers. However, the pandemic has changed the course of learning for the kids but even more, the methods of teaching for the teachers of preschoolers who have had to make, like all others, a major shift from classroom teaching to absolute virtual/online teaching.

The teachers have had to unlearn the traditional ways and learn new, innovative, and interesting methods of teaching the preschoolers by keeping them engaged and allowing participation. Even amid questions, doubts, anxiety, and the struggle to balance the work-life ratio, teachers of these little learners have been making sure they don’t discount the importance of sincere effort, creativity, and simplicity in the manner in which they teach.

From figuring out how to best get the content across to these children, who are still exploring their world, to learning to navigate and making use of different online applications and many other things, to correcting assignments and addressing questions and doubts beyond prescribed work hours, these teachers have gone the super-extra mile (and are continuing to do so) to make sure they bring the best of education onto the table of their young learners. Despite so many changes and challenges, the silver lining has been that the teachers have had the opportunity to learn a great deal and explore their potential even further.

Author: Cecilia Jennings