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About Rupal Kanakia

About Rupal Kanakia

Rupal Kanakia been the Chairperson of the "Babubhai Kanakia Foundation Trust" registered with the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra State. The Trust is formed with the main objective of aiding or granting monetary assistance to schools, or institutions imparting education and training to students and to run schools, colleges and all other educational institutions.

Her Vision

Rupal Kanakia has a deep passion for education and an ambition to spread education in India to an extent that it is within easy reach of people living in the country's every nook and cranny. Through education, it is Rupal Kanakia's wish to empower youth and women irrespective of cast or creed, so that they may break through current barriers, and open themselves to all possibilities for the present and future, and be able to compete in the environment of a globalized world.

The Person

Rupal Kanakia was born on January 13, 1966, and to all who know her, it would seem that her passion for learning was born that very same day too! Convinced that learning is the answer to a lot of the problems that society faces, she has dedicated her life to education. A B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) in Child Psychology, Rupal has a knack for creating an environment of learning that students absolutely love. Rupal avidly attends educational orientation programmes, seminars, presentations and workshops. Although none of her passions transcend education, she is also deeply passionate about Art, Music, and ˜Travel & Recreation with family. Holding steadfast to her vision, beliefs and dreams, Rupal Kanakia has founded and runs several highly successful schools in India, in different streams.

The Educator

I firmly believe that the future of the country is shaped in the classrooms .

Some prominent Workshops / Seminars Rupal Kanakia has attended include:

  • Pre-IB Training Program in Chicago, in June 2007
  • 3-day, IBDP Regional Workshop in Singapore, in Oct. 2007 (as DP Coordinator)
  • 4-day, IB Asia Regional Conference, Singapore, in Oct. 2007
  • PYP Regional Workshop, Delhi, in Feb. 2008

The Leader

As the sole leading force behind the institutions mentioned above, Rupal Kanakia takes personal interest in all their activities. She works in close-quarters with the main departments, such as, Marketing, Finance, Accounts, EDP, Legal, etc. A strong people-person, Rupal has always tried to implement special measures to motivate her staff. This includes timely appreciation of accomplishments and efforts, even if it is just the proverbial expat-on-the-back. Rupal is known to be very charitable towards employees who are needy or facing difficult times. She is not only keenly attentive to employees professional growth, providing them with regular training to upgrade their skills, but also considers them friends and is always happy to lend a ear to all of them.