Physics is by far the most sophisticated scientific discipline in which our advances grow only more abstract. Physics relies on numbers and yet its vastness is ever-expanding. That’s the beauty of it – subjectiveness in pure mathematics.

Stretching from the billions and beyond to the quantum questions – physics covers it all. And yet, surprisingly, all our knowledge, research, and discoveries are simply minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Physicists claim that we only know and see 5% of our universe. The rest is dark matter and dark energy – of which we know nothing. Despite that fact, despite such little theoretical knowledge, physics has enabled us to establish a multitude of realities in this carefully engineered world.

A recent experiment at Fermi-lab, Illinois proved to an uncanny degree that there are particles and forces existing beyond our theories – the discoveries of which could change the perception of physics forever. Any charged particle must have a spin or ‘wobble’ in an electromagnetic field that depends on its mass, charge the forces around it, other particles around it, and the strength of the field. The predicted value was very well researched and accurate to 12 significant figures. Years of research and modeling went into devising this enormous and extremely expensive experiment that would essentially verify the claims asserted in the preceding papers. However, the value obtained from the experiment surprisingly deferred from the predicted value by 6-8 significant figures. The experiment was highly precise and accurate, minimizing the likelihood of the obtained results being anomalous. Further, research compelled physicists at Fermi-lab to release a formal statement confirming that there could be entirely new branches of physics already in existence, based entirely on new and unknown particles and forces, waiting for us to finally grasp their realities.

This experiment goes to show that no matter how accurate on paper, no matter how well researched and strongly backed a hypothesis is, ultimately, it’s an idea that floats in space, waiting to be proven or defied by the chambers it inhabits and forces it is sustained by. It is truly fascinating to wonder just how unnerving this fact is – our ideas and notions stem from a world we have created, laws we designed, observations we witnessed, and governed by facts we decreed. They are concrete yet fragile – thoroughly supported by pages of complex proofs yet vulnerable to rejection by just another simple idea. Physics is beautiful beyond its own reaches – outlining and shaping universes that exceed our comprehension – and we’re just here for the ride. So, strap in, and Physics away my friend!