A sunny weekday morning. A school bus pulls over the main gate and kids pour out of it giggling. Hundreds of footsteps bang on the ground as all the students run inside the school. But, the schools are silent today. School buses are parked in the garage for months. Classrooms
are empty and the blackboard is clean.

The education system changed from physical classrooms to online teaching due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic within a span of days. The transformation was quite scary as many teachers and educators thought technology would complicate things for them as well as the students. But, with diverse and user-friendly video-audio call applications, online schooling got on track within a matter of days.

RBK Educational Institutions left no stone unturned to make the transformation process smooth. We have trained our staff to run smooth online classes and to solve any technical glitch instantly.

How Online Education has Transformed Traditional Education?

Introduction Of Technology

Before the pandemic occurred, only a small percentage of schools had equipped themselves with advanced technological equipment. Most of these schools were private schools. But today, even government-run schools have upgraded their infrastructure making them technologically advanced. This shows the huge role technology is playing to bridge the gap between learning and the learners.

The introduction of technology has not only made education easy to access but has also provided numerous additional benefits through which students can learn a new skill and enhance it. Students can collaborate on projects in real-time, they can research in-depth about an ongoing topic on the internet, etc.

Moreover, online education has tremendously helped to keep learning on track while all the restrictions on movements are implemented in the country.

Increased Participation

Teachers have reported increased participation of kids in ongoing lectures and school activities. Some students are introverted and shy from participating when in a physical school. But online schooling has given them a boost of confidence to speak up in class to ask questions, give answers, and actively participate in other activities.

This is a good sign as these students are learning to step up and speak. The boost in their confidence is probably the best outcome online education has given the schools and the parents.

Feedback and one-on-one Interaction

Online classes have one major benefit – real-time feedback from students. Each student has a facility to type his feedback and send it to the school. Apart from this, each student can ask a question to the teacher and get it answered. This was not possible in physical schooling as a teacher could only respond to a certain number of questions before the class ended.


Due to the pandemic, education has seen a huge shift in the way it is imparted. This shift has also given rise to a new era of education and is strengthening the country’s digital learning space. The new normal is slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. Students are spending more time with their parents and learning at the same time.

We at RBKEI aim to provide top-quality education to our students. We are constantly upgrading so that our students access seamless education from their homes.