An international educational foundation with headquarters in Switzerland, the IB offers three programs – the primary year’s program, middle years program, and the IB Diploma program. With a large focus on teachers, who are at the center of the program, the IB organizes regular workshops to equip the teachers with the appropriate educational tools at all stages.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international non-profit educational foundation that offers programs for students in the age group 3-19 years. They do not operate any schools of their own. Instead, they support schools that are willing to offer IB programs through the process of qualification and maintenance and accredit them as IB World Schools.

The IB Program – Focus Areas


The teacher is at the center of the three IB programs. During the candidacy stage (before authorization of a school as an IB World School, it is mandatory for the teachers to undergo the professional development training program that the IB offers to ensure high standards of teaching. For the authorized schools, yearly teacher development workshops are conducted for all the three programs where teachers from the IB authorized schools are supposed to undergo training.

International Education

The IB program has a clear focus on international education with content in an international context being covered in the curriculum. Students are also encouraged to think beyond what the curriculum states and to engage in community activities to further the all-round development of the student. Particularly at the diploma level, students are offered a variety of options (arts and science courses), thus offering flexibility.

Collaboration between schools

Collaborative development of the schools is furthered by the IB through an online curriculum centre, which is a forum where schools and teachers share resources and discuss various academic matters. Worldwide conferences for the IB world schools are also conducted once in two years. The IB also offers recognition to schools that wish to form local associations for collaboration and development activities at the regional level.

RBK International Academy, Chembur is affiliated to International Baccalaureate (IB).

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