The Indian School Certificate popularly known as ISC is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for Class 12. The subjects of examination include English as a compulsory subject and a list of elective subjects. The list of electives contains subjects like Geography, Sociology, History, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Home Science, etc.

ISC Board is known to lay a lot of importance for literature and language, which helps to pursue a good career in the field of management, communication, marketing, accounting, etc. The curriculum is designed to improve oral and writing skills, along with in-depth learning of various concepts, which focuses on the overall development of students.

Advantages of ISC:

  • The syllabus of ISC covers each subject with a good amount of depth so that all the concepts are clear and properly understood by the students.
  • ISC offers a lot of options when it comes to choosing which subjects a student wants to study.
  • It emphasis fluency in English which results in ISC students being more articulate in English than others.
  • ISC also emphasizes students becoming active problem-solvers with a good amount of practical skills rather than just being good academics.
  • Most high-education institutes all over the world accept ISC as an official educational qualification.
  • Some foreign, especially UK-based, institutes give a slight preference to ISC students over students enrolled in other Indian boards.
  • Most ISC Schools encourage their students to pursue their interests rather than giving all of their time to academics.

RBK School, Mira Road offers ISC programme.

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