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Testimonials - ECCE Batch 2014-15

I had a great experience in getting the best of the knowledge each and every day. It made my day when I secured first position in Fashion show competition and garba competition, victory made me more confident. ECCE had helped me a lot to motivate myself and boost my talents at the best.

- Urvashi Dodia

“This course has helped me to groom myself overall and showed the mirror to find the actual me. ECCE has given me an opportunity to find my own qualities, skills and potentials. It is a wonderful learning experience under the guidance of our principal Mrs. Anita Joshi. The effective strategies of this course is really wonderful.”

- Swati Shetty

I am very happy and fortunate that I joined this excellent course. This not only gave me teaching knowledge but also gave me an overall personality change & interpersonal skills. This has also increased my confidence and gave me a new dimension & perspective towards life. I would strongly recommend this course to all.

- Rashmi Sukhwal

It feels good to see a complete change in myself. ECCE made me confident and firm in my own decisions by giving me the opportunity to be team leader for the month of October. Continuous appreciation and achievement in various competitions like garba, sports etc. boosted my skill and talent.

- Ozal Solanki

Ecce has helped bring out the creative self in me and helped me transform to a polished individual and push myself to achieve great heights for instance I couldn't believe my capabilities when I won the three legged race! Help me build up my confidence by getting the opportunity to anchor the sports event. Truely a wonderful experience for sure!

- Maria Sodawala

ECCE made me “think out of the box”. It is really a pleasing experience to be a part of such an exhilarating course.

- Hetal Panchal

I had joined ECCE to learn about basics of teaching but ended up with learning much more in terms of Core Values of a teacher contributing to Society, various aspects of student's behavior, classroom management tools and many tactics. I would strongly recommend this course.

- Dolly Kant

I am glad that I joined the Ecce course as it enhanced my skills and personality, boosted my confidence and gave a new vision to my life.

- Arpita Seth

The ECCE course at RBK institutions has taught me all the requisites of a good teacher. It has given a training of how to make children enjoy learning and thus learn to enjoy making sure that the child is developing holistically. Thanks to my teacher and my mentor, Anita madam.

- Komal Bhimrajka

The ECCE experience has been a revitalizing and transforming experience for me. Throughout the year, I’ve learnt something new, every single day. I now actually understand the true meaning and depth of being a teacher to a child.

- Priyanka Avinash

I had a wonderful learning teaching experience, and learned so many great ideas that I plan to incorporate into my classroom.

ECCE has taught me all aspects of behaviour of children in the early childhood setting and how best to respond in a respectful way that elicits problem solving, team work, co-operation, increased social skills, development of feeling language and empathy.

- Renuka Sharma

Wow! What a wonderful experience! Never thought one course can change your life so beautifully. This course will for sure prepare you as a wonderful teacher but apart from being a teacher, you will discover a new YOU. Will find that girl in yourself which we left far behind after leaving our schooling, and respect you get from society and your own loved ones is above all. Understanding your child more better is also one of the several advantages. Can’t write all, as it's too long, but can say experience it yourself and you won't regret that's for sure.

- Zoola Soni (RBK Teacher)

The ECCE course at RBK institutions has given me the confidence to talk to people without getting jittery and has taught me so many things about small children and how their mind works; it has made me a better teacher and guide to my child. I am better at time management now than ever; all thanks to ECCE course. I didn't know many people due to my social awkwardness but now I have some wonderful friends.

- Sarita Roka