Year 2020 was a very crucial year for all of us but it was a boon for the education industry. Education system has moved one step up. Education world is now known as “Digital Education” or we can call it “Home schooling”. Digital Education in India is a way forward to learning and gaining knowledge through the means of technology and digital devices. It is always difficult to implement something new in the stereotypical work. We have always heard about “Food on wheels”, “Work from home concept” but we never thought we could implement the same in our education system.

“Technology can never replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational” – George Couros

Many were of the view that children were already tech savvy and now schooling also would be on the same platform. But, earlier they used to watch or do things of their choice and now they look for some informative news or how to make a project on this platform. Digital Education has changed their perspective towards technology. Technology has made our young learners so independent that even at age of nine they can make their own website and flourish their knowledge.
There are pros & cons for everything and so does digital education. Some of them are:

  • Many are of the view that children have lost their social life but no that’s not true. They meet their friend’s every day and also have classroom prattle. In fact, the good point here is that after school they don’t ask for mobile, they rather prefer to play in an open place.
  • Competitions have always been a part of education but parents never knew what other learners have prepared or performed but now they are aware as it is open ended.
  • It connects teachers, students, and parents across different geographies.
  • Students can easily access different resources without any trouble.
  • Scope of monotony or boredom reduces as one gets innovative.

So it all depends on not how we look at it but how our learners are taking it ahead.

A futuristic school that aims at high academic excellence, and a sound value system, is what is needed. Navigating in the global world with technology and shaping students into responsible citizens is what makes the difference.

Ankita Kamdar