As parents, we want to help our children to learn to have a more realistic and balanced point of view about the positive and negative aspects of life. To do this, however, we need to look at our attitudes and help our children build positive attitudes about their place in the world. To create a good attitude in children’s minds there should be good communication between the parents and children.

This would only happen if parents make a point to sit with their children every day and talk with them, ask them how their day was at school, and play with them.
Parents can follow these few steps to develop a positive attitude in their children:

  • Praising
    Always praise your children even for small chores they have done. Simple compliments like “you did a good job”, or “you are very smart” will always boost their self-confidence and esteem.
  • Politeness
    Parents are the first teacher to their children. Always speak politely when children are around as they imitate parents. Ensure that your child is always talking politely with their friends, teachers, and neighbors.
  • Sharing
    The most important value that a child should develop is sharing.
    Sharing does not only mean that they have to share their toys or chocolates, here sharing means they need to share their thoughts with others about how they feel about something.
  • Proactive Listening
    It is important to listen to your children when they are speaking and respond positively to what they wish to say. This will enable them to listen to you when you talk to them. This is an easy way to develop positive listening skills in your child.

Ankita Kamdar