A non-profit organization, the CIE offers programs at all levels from post kindergarten to higher secondary. Their secondary level qualification program is a globally recognized qualification. Most of the schools in India that follow an international curriculum offer the IGCSE program at the Class IX and X level.

A non-profit organization, the CIE is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19-year olds. CIE programs are designed to enable continuous program delivery from the primary stage to the higher secondary stage. In India, there are 235 schools that follow the CIE curriculum.

The Cambridge IGCSE, which is the qualification program for 14–16-year olds, is the most popular of all programs that are being offered by the CIE.

CIE – Key Focus Areas

Teacher Development

The CIE places the utmost importance on teacher development, with workshops and online sessions regularly arranged for the same. Teachers are compulsorily supposed to attend these. The CIE provides the teachers with all the required textbooks, test papers, syllabi, etc.


At the primary and lower secondary levels, a program called ICT starters is also compulsory for the students. This is either offered as a separate program or is embedded within the corresponding program. Schools are also provided software tools to be used for teaching, learning and assessment.


The curriculum is highly modular and promotes its adoption by schools alongside another curriculum. At the secondary and the higher secondary stage, a wide variety of options are presented to the students, both for those who want to opt for a narrow line of subject areas and for those who want to cover a wide range of subjects

RBK International School, Bhayandar is affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

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